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Fashion comes and goes, but the 1960s was one of the most fun, memorable and colourful periods in style history.

Think: short shift dresses in block colours. Think: mini skirts as short as you’d dare. Think: flicked hair, big buttons, thick fringes, huge eyelashes, and clothes in pink, yellow, and red. Think: over-sized polka dots and mid-calf go-go boots. Think: earrings, preferably plastic. Think: PVC.

For men, it’s sharp suits with skinny ties. Jackets made with highly textured fabric. Or sharply-dressed mods in anoraks, buttoned shirts, slim-fit trousers and smart shoes. And towards the end of the decade, when hippies first put daisy chains in their hair, it was paisley, giant collars, tie-dyed fabric and flared trousers.

In the 1960s, cinema entered a golden era with the emergence of Brigitte Bardot, Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn and Clint Eastwood.

Bringing back the entertainment of the 1960s at the innaugural, free Bexhill 60s Revolution on Saturday 13 July 2019, are the following acts:

Bond Stunts

If you enjoyed the spectacular prohibition stunt action at the Bexhill Roaring 20s then you'll love "LICENCE TO THRILL" - stunt action on the streets of Bexhill.

Prepare to be shaken & stirred in true 007 style as we take you on a roller-coaster ride. THE NAME'S BOND... 😎🍸🎩 😬

Bond stunt team

Brian Allanson - AKA Austin Powers

"Am I going to be at the Bexhill 60s Revolution in July 2019? Yeah, baby!! Yeah!!"

Austin Powers is a 1960s swinger who, having been put into a cryogenic sleep, awakes in the 1990s to save the world from arch villain Doctor Evil. Groovy!!!

Austin Powers


"Holy hole in a doughnut, Batman!"

One of the most popular and instantly recognisable cars on the planet, the Batmobile has appeared all over the world with, on many occasions, Adam West himself. Revered by adults and children alike, this Batmobile comes complete with essential crime-fighting gadgets, flame thrower and bat radar detectors!

The Batmobile

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Join us at our event and dance alongside Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

MyCharleston from Brighton will be holding a workshop to teach you "Me Ol' Bamboo". Simply grab a cane (provided) and dance along to the famous routine from one of the greatest films of the 60s...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was released as a film in 1968. It has since become a hugely successful West End stage show. At 17.5 ft long, Chitty is one of the most iconic, recognisable cars in the world - loved by people of all generations.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


We're delighted that Herbie will be joining us at our event on Saturday 13 July, as we mark 50 years since he first appeared on our screens in The Love Bug.

Brighton Herbie is a replica of the original VW Beetle used in the movies, and was built by Alan Horwood.

Herbie replica at the De La Warr Pavilion

The Whale - 'Plastic Ocean' Show

Join our 50ft sperm whale, Ringo, on the beach at the Bexhill 60s Revolution

Bold explorers will squeeze into the belly of Ringo, the enormous inflatable Sperm Whale, where they will find themselves in the depths of the bubbling, kelp-swirling ocean.

They will encounter an aquabatic Diver who will lead them swimmingly through the age old journey of the life of an ancient Leatherback Turtle. With the use of exquisite puppets, comedy and music, Circo Rum Ba Ba will explore the tale of sea creatures and their battle to survive in an ocean full of rubbish.

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Ringo, the sperm whale

Dalek Ace

Ace the Dalek will be invading the Bexhill 60s Revolution 13 July; firing smoke and exterminating humans.

Standing at 5ft 3 inches, Ace is a full size replica of a Dalek from the television series Doctor Who, and is the only Dalek in the UK with a 'real' eye.

The Daleks first appeared in Doctor Who in December 1963 and have been a much-feared nemesis of the Doctor for over 50 years (which won't seem that long for a Time Lord!)

Ace Dalek will be available to have your photo taken with on the day.

You can watch his appearance with Whoopi Goldberg on Loose Women here.

Ace Dalek with Whoopi Goldberg on Loose Women

Carnaby Village Retro Market

A 1960s themed market featuring everything from fashion to vinyl records. Enjoy browsing the stalls and reliving memories of the 1960s.

We're certain you'll enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane.

1960s Carnaby Village theme

Other Attractions and Acts

We have a fantastic day of fun and entertainment planned out for you. Check out our pages for music, dance, entertainment and history.

Join us on Saturday 13 July

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